PHP TestFest VM Documentation - Run LTP GCOV Report in the VM

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The following contains instructions on generating LTP GCOV reports inside the VM. These reports will then be made available via a web browser on the host.

This example focuses on generating a report on the DOM extension.

Note: You must have compiled the PHP source you plan to report on with --enable-gcov.

Generate an coverage report on ext/dom/

Log into the VM.

Move the PHP src directory.

cd ~/src/php5.3*

Make the folder for storing coverage report files.

sudo mkdir /var/www/gcov

Reset lcov if it's already been run once before.

sudo lcov -z

Run the tests.

make test TESTS=./ext/dom/tests

Create lcov info file.

lcov -directory ./ext/dom -c -o

Generate html report from lcov info file.

sudo genhtml -o /var/www/gcov

Access the Report

Open a browser on the host machine.

View the following web address: